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Our Ethichs, our future

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Looking at our past, over the years we paid increasing attention in choosing high quality raw materials and selecting ethical commercial partners, whose responsible behaviour was at the centre of their business.

Today, however, this is not enough to keep producing and trading while respecting our ethics. At Laboratorio Prodor we want to contribute to a better World. Therefore, we decided to take part to the change in eating habits initiated by the younger generations, which ask to governments and multinationals to be more respectful toward our environment, to act with more ethical behaviour and to pay more attention towards our health and the future of our planet.

This is a real revolution that is becoming viral: the "vegan revolution".

After in-depth research and analysis, at Laboratorio Prodor we combined our knowledge and century-long experience in the dairy sector with innovative and cutting-edge techniques, and we put all our heart into it. We have thus finalized the line of vegan cultures, starters and moulds, to produce fermented food products that are similar in taste and structure to typical Italian cheeses. We believe that typical Italian cheeses will always remain the flagship of Italian food excellence, but we also trust that these plant-based alternatives can work together with them and realize our vision of a better, green, healthy and ethical future. In addition to moulds and vegan enzymes, which are under continuous research and development, we have developed three starter kits for those who want to start experimenting into this wonderful world.

As always, we offer technical assistance and we follow our customers through all the steps of their production process, giving advices and personalized recipes, because we believe the success of our customers is our success; if this success is also green, we all win, together with our planet.

This is a selection of our Prodor4Ethics products: